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    Hi I just got my 9700 and am new here, but I was wondering why the commuter case for the 9700 was lighter(weight) then the impact case, when the commuter case provides more protection? I looked a few other phone cases and the impact was lighter then the commuter for all of the other phones I looked at.


    edit..and here is a link to both, if you click on tech specs it shows how much they weight impact=.8 ounces, commuter=.65 ounces.

    BlackBerry Bold 9700 Cases // BlackBerry Bold 9700 Impact Case // OtterBox.com
    BlackBerry Bold 9700 Cases // BlackBerry Bold 9700 Commuter Case // OtterBox.com
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    the commuter case is a neoprene-like case, which offers a rubberized protection, which some people in some certain tests is more versatile than a hard case. in some cases, however, the rubberized case loses to the hard case (for obvious reasons). it ultimately comes down to a preference of either a soft case which offers virtually all the protection of a comparably thick hard case, or having a hard case flat out. depends on your pocket preferences
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