02-03-09 08:47 AM
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  1. blackBerry bOb's Avatar
    Does this case have the "Power off" feature that some cases have? The magnets or what cause it not to turn on when its in the case?
    For the 95xx yes it does
    01-31-09 09:16 AM
  2. Netman2008's Avatar
    With all the phones I have had in my life the Otter Box is the most well designed case hands down. When it comes to doing battery pulls it is a bit of a pain and like SRS75 said it can withstand drops and moisture.
    The Otter does make it a bit more bulky but I personally don't notice it to much.
    As for typing because it has the film over the keypad I find it a little slippery but it has the molded bumps for the keys. Other than that I think this case is by far #1

    Hope this helps

    01-31-09 12:45 PM
  3. Glenn95's Avatar
    For the 95xx yes it does
    How about for the Curve 8330? I returned my Storm for the Curve, just didn't update my profile....oops.

    Thanks for responding btw.
    02-02-09 10:01 PM
  4. FuturaxLabs's Avatar
    Like Entrical said i def recommend the Body Glove 2 piece hard rubber case. It clips on perfectly and has a screen protector. It also comes with a optional belt clip. The rubber makes it very easy to grip and it looks really good also. The otterbox on the other hand will give you the most protection to outside elements. It all depends on preference in the long run. I have the Body glove hard case and like 6 different holsters for my 8330. But thanx for the update from amazon im def gonna check out the otterbox for that price.
    02-02-09 10:11 PM
  5. fordmn1966's Avatar
    it does have the magnet in the holster which puts the phone in standby to save battery. had mine for about a month now and i love it! ultimate protection. took it off the other day and the phone still looks new after numerous drops and bumping into things with the holster. even wrecked my mountain bike and landed on it. still new
    02-02-09 10:11 PM
  6. Glenn95's Avatar
    Thank you fordmn!
    02-02-09 10:15 PM
  7. fordmn1966's Avatar
    Thank you fordmn!
    Anytime! hope whichever case you pick works out for you!
    02-02-09 10:27 PM
  8. Glenn95's Avatar
    Anytime! hope whichever case you pick works out for you!
    I ordered the Otterbox a couple days ago. Should get it in two days. thanks again!
    02-02-09 10:33 PM
  9. fordmn1966's Avatar
    ok sweet! you won't be disappointed!
    02-02-09 10:47 PM
  10. Glenn95's Avatar
    ok sweet! you won't be disappointed!
    I ordered the Yellow one. Main reason it the "Black and Yellow" look reminded me of the Steelers, and I'm a huge fan! Turns out apparently I ordered a decent case as well...
    02-02-09 10:54 PM
  11. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    i have both cases. I personally like the case-mate better.

    The major problem with the otterbox is that after requiring a batterypull and dismantaling the case to get to the battery, I assure u that the rubber will stretch from as little as 2 to 3 removals. Once that happens, everytime u remove it from its holster, the rubber comes down from the bottom lip and u have to constantly push it back it. If it weren't for that constant problem, it would probably have more competition with the case-mate.

    I've gone thru 3 rubbers already and it seems like the more I order, the more it will happen

    As for the case-mate, its actually a flawless case. Still needs a holster tho, but, it will fit snug in any BB standard out there. Key cover actually makes it easier to type on then even without the case on which to me is the biggest plus! Cant say the same with the membrain cover for the otterbox.

    And on the otterbox, the case blocks the mirror in the back making it useless. Not to mention that if u use the membrain, u have to cut it at the camera lens because the flash will hit the membrain and wash out all ur pictures! Both these issues are not a problem with the case-mate. It doesnt block the rear mirror and theres no membrain covering the lens and washing out pictures.

    So with otterbox u get more protection, uglier bulkier form, with more flaws. With case-mate, u get a slightly less protection, much sleeker, and literally no flaws!

    As for protection... I think the case-mate is more than adequate. I won't sit here and say that its the same for both, but I honestly don't think the level difference is that big a deal as they both have rubberized casings. If anything, I find that a lot of ppl won't use the membrain with the otterbox leaving the keyboard exposed. Where as with the case-mate, its 100% covered by the case itself and definitely very welcomed! The keys actually have more surface and grip with the case on! Plus, the light from the keyboard shines thru the rubber! Very innovative!
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    02-03-09 08:05 AM
  12. studcookie's Avatar
    Is the Case-Mate a skin, or a hard case? Sounds like a skin to me. I like the idea of it, but I need something that will provide some drop protection.
    02-03-09 08:24 AM
  13. _____'s Avatar
    Does the Case-mate come with the magnet in the holster also? That one looks very cool.
    02-03-09 08:35 AM
  14. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    the case-mate one is a skin that stretches over the phone through the window opening (very tight!). It doesnt have a holster as I stated above which for some may be the only flaw. But as I said, it'll fit any BB magnet holster nice n snug

    One slight issue I have with the case-mate is that the trackball is sunkin in so u can't scroll as fast as u would without a case
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    02-03-09 08:44 AM
  15. _____'s Avatar
    I was thinking about the signature case and holster combo they have on the website. Id link it but Im only one post away from being able to do that now haha
    02-03-09 08:47 AM
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