1. Pyro_Nemesis's Avatar
    Just to let you Canadian Storm users know who have been interested in the Otterbox it is here. I can't speak for all of Canada but I live in Calgary, Alberta and I just came from Bell where I just bought my Otterbox case for $59.99. Thats a huge saves compared to getting it online.

    I did stop by other Bell stores to see if it was maybe just the one who had it but they all did. The funny thing is others had it listed for $69.99. So if you are a calgary resident Northland mall is where to get it a little cheaper.

    For anyone else who is spread across the country leave a comment if you have seen it in your province so others can save a little. Ordering this product online will cost anywhere from $70-$120.
    04-17-09 05:14 PM