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    The transmit audio from my 8350i (Nextel) was horrible.

    Specific problems were the echo and extremely muffled transmit audio.

    I have read several posts about both problems on this and other forums.

    Making the mic hole (in the Otterbox) larger helped minimize the echo problem but it still happens some times... (like when ever the speaker volume is high). I can get rid of it by reducing the speaker volume.

    Regarding the transmit muffled audio... my thinking is the phone has poor audio to begin with. It lacks mid and high frequencies. When you put the phone in the OtterBox the already muffled audio turns almost un-usable.

    I did a lot of testing using the "record a message" function in Nextel voice mail. The only way I could get the audio to sound the same as when the phone was out of the otterbox was to remove the keypad protector that comes with the otterbox. The keypad protector seems to block some of the audio from entering the phone thus causing the horrifically muffled audio.

    As I said earlier, this phone lacks mid and high frequency transmit response but with the keypad protector removed at least the otterbox can be used with no degradation of transmit audio.
    08-22-09 06:48 PM