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    After a 38 day wait I received the Otterbox for my 8130. Through the long waiting ordeal I contacted customer service twice to check on the status of my order. The first time I was assured it would be in stock and shipped out the following week. That information turned out to be incorrect. The fault could have been with the manufactures information to Otterbox and not with Otterbox lying to me. The next time I contacted them she called the manufacture and got specific details and called me back in a very timely manner. This time the case shipped as promised.

    I received it a few days ago and excitedly installed it on my berry. After some use I have had the opportunity to see what I like, and dont like about it. First off I have dropped it on concrete and my girlfriend has thrown it against the wall, hard. Not that she was angry; she just likes to test the durability of MY things. The case took the impact and left my precious berry unscathed. I like that it is a bit larger in the case without being huge. It makes it a little easer to grip. I like not worrying about using it when my hands are dirty. Sound transmits through the case very well. And I like the little flaps that cover the USB and headset jack. The belt clip seems rugged and the magnet is strong enough to put it to sleep. (Thanks Kale, for the info about the first ones having a magnet problem)

    Now on to the things I dont like so much. Due to the design of the case I have a little trouble hitting the bottom row of keys. Not much of a problem mind you, I think my thumb is just too fat. It is easy to pull the rubber outer part away from the edge of screen. When putting it in and out of your pocket for example. And the skin that was shipped with it had a flaw. The hole cut for the track ball is off center, making it not fit correctly.

    Another thing you may consider before getting one. If you use multiple batteries or have to do a battery pull often it could get annoying putting it in and out of the case. Good thing for SoftReset.
    04-08-08 08:27 PM
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    I had occasion to un-otterbox mine the other day to replace the keyboard only to find I have the wrong size torx. But while it was opened I took it down to the basement and using a very fine round file took down some of the material along the bottom edge where my 8830's SPACEBAR and other keys are located. I just gently sanded away a bit of material. Did the same at the top and around the trackball area.

    I think that makes it a bit easier to hit those keys and I don't think I weakened the case.

    Interesting girlfriend!!!!!
    04-08-08 11:12 PM
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    I got mine a while ago for my 8130 and had the same problem with the rubber coming away from the case a lot. I trimmed the little nubs on the inside of the rubber skin--the ones that fit into the holes in the plastic shell-because I could feel they were not letting the skin settle in tight to the plastic. It worked great, it almost never pops loose anymore.

    I'm still waiting on the replacement holster with the improved magnet and the second membrane they said they were sending, and having to glue an extra magnet and modify the rubber on the case is mildly annoying when spending $50 on a case, but I would not be without it. I would most def order it again even with the issues.

    04-09-08 01:50 AM
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    Are they sending you a free replacement holster? I have an old one and it doesn't put my phone to sleep.

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    04-12-08 10:01 PM