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    Just ordered one because it looks like a pretty serious case, but I think it may have an added bonus for me, which is why I'm asking if someone could take a few minutes and do a measurement (L-W-H) of the 9700 with the case on?

    Reason is I have a very nice 8830WE leather swivel belt holster. Not the cheesy ones that come with the phones, but the higher end lamb leather ones RIM sells. It makes the holster my 9700 came with look like cardboard.

    I'm wondering if the 9700 with the Otter Defender case installed would fit in the old 8830 holster? From pictures, it looks close.

    I know the Defender comes with a belt holster, but it looks like it has an open front face which I dont like.

    I like the easy access of a belt holster, but I also leave my phone on work benchs, desks, car hoods, etc (this is why I want the Defender..."just in case"...no pun intended).

    01-16-10 09:24 PM