1. storm6610's Avatar
    I have a Sprint 8830, with the OEM leather case. Does it matter which way the BB is put in?? I always thought you put it in with the screen facing your hip so it doesn't get damaged.

    But some photos I have seen on here show people putting them in the case with the screen facing out.

    Does it matter because of the magnet in the case??
    12-07-07 08:05 PM
  2. Tiggercat's Avatar
    I believe it's intended for the screen to face away from you - there is a groove on the inside of the case for the trackball.
    12-07-07 09:08 PM
  3. BlackBerry.est08's Avatar
    The option is totally up to you, regardless if you face the screen to you or facing outward, there is a groove on each side inside the case to lock your BlackBerry
    12-07-07 10:06 PM