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    Hey guys. This is my first post here but I've been reading the forums since I got my first blackberry (during January). My girlfriend has the 8900 and twice has run into this problem. The first time the store replaced her phone. The 2nd time they wouldn't so we called Rogers. That's the jist, let me explain.

    Her phone (each time) just died and wouldn't turn on. Just a black screen and the LED didn't do anything. We plugged it in to try and charge and got a white screen with a battery with a slash in it. But it wouldn't charge. I removed the battery and replaced it, got the LED to flash then nothing. The Rogers rep told us to remove the battery, plug in the phone, and wait for the white screen with the battery to show up. Then leave it alone until a lightning bolt appears on the battery. At that point, install the battery and charge it completey. Voila good as new. Apparently when the phone's battery gets down to half or below half and you put it in the case, the case drains the battery. Or if the phone is off, it drains it to the point where you can't turn the phone back on. I didn't see anyone else experience this on the forum but the Rogers guy said they've been having lots of calls about it (don't know how many lots means). So hopefully my story can educate others with this problem or even better someone can educate me on how to solve the problem. Is this an OS issue? It's a massive pain to go through these steps. This turned out much longer than I anticipated. Any tips?
    03-10-09 10:24 AM
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    Here's an excerpt from another thread that may help:

    The battery life has been discussed extensively in this thread lately. I would recommend reading through it to get more information. In a nut shell, do no use the OEM sleeve with your phone as it drains the battery for some reason. It appears to be because of a button being pressed constantly, but no one is really sure yet what the issue is. Regardless, sdbadd has done some good experimenting for us and its the sleeve.

    I would also recommend upgrading to OS .114 from the sticky at the top of this forum. If you have issues for some reason with this version then you can always downgrade back to the version you have now or maybe a new even better OS will be out and you can try that one out at that time.
    03-10-09 10:28 PM