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    Hi guys,
    im planning to mod a 9800 OEM Clip Holster to sleep my 9700.

    has anyone done this, if so share your solution.

    I already tore up an old pouch from an 8320 i had awhile back and i got the magnet, very thin BTW.

    Since I don't want to use a simple piece of magic tape on the inside of the holster.


    Why i would like to use a 9800 holster for the 9700?
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    02-05-11 11:16 PM
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    Get a piece of soft cloth and glue it over the magnet like a liner inside the pouch.

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    02-06-11 01:23 AM
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    So this is the best solution i came up so far.

    I tore apart an old BlackBerry 8320 pouch to obtain the small round low frequency magnet.

    Then i cut a piece of cloth about 2 x 2 in to fully cover the magnet. (i used a cloth like the ones you get with an invisible shield. Its thin and soft, so it won't add bulk and won't scratch your phone.)

    I glued the magnet to the cloth and wait for it to dry for 10 min.

    Once the magnet its glued to the cloth I insert it into the holster, once inside i covered the cloth with glue using a Q-Tip. (Why i placed the cloth with glue once inside and not before? well since the holster has 2 magnets near the opening, its very easy for the magnet to stick on either side. And that would be a mess!)

    Using a ruler i spread the cloth firmly to the inside of the holster just one before the bottom.

    Wait for it to dry completely. (i recommend to let it dry all night long so it wont come off.)


    You would have the superb 9800 holster sleeping your 9700.

    Solution number 2. (Easy and not reliable)

    Using a piece of tape, stick the magnet to the inner part of the holster. I did this first, but it would only last for a day.

    Let me know if it worked for you?
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