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    So......last night I applied a Best Skin Ever (full-body) to my current BB, a gilded 8320 Curve. The application went well, and it even makes a rookie job look professional, IMHO.

    I have noticed one thing. The BSE adds a _tiny_ amount of girth to the whole BB. Not so you'd notice when holding it, but it is there. This added girth and the tackiness of the skin itself combine to make the OEM silicone skins 'stick' to the BB much better than before! Many of you have heard me complain about the floppy-skinned-things in the past; well, now there's a solution. So if you are really jonesing for that super-orange silicone but were concerned about floppiness, I suggest you skin it and try it.

    At the same time, this added width has made my fit-like-a-glove Seidio rubberized case into a fit-like-OJ's-hand-into-a-blood-soaked-glove. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the skin and the rubberized case don't go well together.

    You certainly don't need them both at the same time, but I'm in a bit of a quandry now. I love the way the rubberized case protects the berry, and I also love the grip and simplicity of the BSE. Also, for carrying, the rubberized case snaps tightly into the Seidio holster and just gives an added confidence when carrying it around. The same holster can carry a berry with a silicone skin (and is made to do it), but I just don't feel quite as secure with that combo.

    My solution? Use two berries. I now have a Ti in the rubberized hard case, and a gold in the silicone case. Yeah, it's a PIA to switch SIM cards between them, so very shortly one of them is going to hit the Marketplace. I just need to decide which.

    04-01-08 05:56 PM