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    I've run into this problem where my Blackberry 8830 isn't picking my voice up properly and other people can't hear me. It's primarily my fiance when I'm talking with her later at night and trying to be quiet out of consideration for others sleeping in nearby rooms. I've got a mumbly/stuffy-nose voice sometimes, which is half the problem.

    Can anyone offer me any advice on accessories I can use to help pick my voice up better? I'm looking for either some kind of earpiece with a mic that I can put right over my mouth or some kind of Bluetooth solution that has a very sensitive mic. Other types of solutions are also welcome, though.

    Thanks a million. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm actually looking at a Plantronics Voyager 510 right now. Anyone have any experiences with this particular product?
    05-28-09 12:51 PM