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    I've had the phone since it's come out and have been waiting for some respectable multifunction cases, fuel cases, extended batteries, car docs, and NADA.

    So you make a phone that has inductive charging capabilities and just make a desktop cradle? Why not a minimalistic car dock that will charge and hold bb for you? Is there such a thing and I'm just going on a rant for no reason?

    Any legitimate extended batteries or fuel cases for this thing yet? I use the heck out of my phone and am constantly charging it. If I'm running around with a smartphone and using it for email, extreme BBM, music streaming over bluetooth, GPS workouts, and phone calls, sometimes all the same time...am I expected to be carrying extra batteries around?

    Anyone use their phone like me and have a good setup for their phone they would like to share? I would be glad to hear it. At this rate I would go iphone just for the sheer availability of accessories that are available for it, though, i still love and a loyal BB OS user.
    01-15-12 10:46 PM
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    I've got nuthn. I tried the dock and sent it back within minutes. I don't have a case or a skin. All I have is my leather Reiko holster that I used for my Blackberry 9700. I charge with a USB cable either plugged into my wall cube or my computer.

    I really wanted a nice dock for my desk at the office, but no one has made anything worth buying. Maybe I should design one. Hmmm.
    01-17-12 01:51 PM
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    BlackBerry Leather Stand
    Seidio Charging Cradle
    BlackBerry Charging Cradle
    Universal Car Mounts (most are universal these days)
    Extra Battery and Charger

    Let me google that for you

    OEM manufacturers do not make the bulk of accessories for any product. 3rd-party companies fill that role, so get mad at them. Google more, whine less.

    The 9900 isn't capable of induction charging by itself, btw. Where'd that come from?

    My setup:

    • 9900
    • Otterbox Commuter
    • OEM 9900 holster
    • Jabra Cruiser 2 Bluetooth car speaker/FM transmitter
    • PlayBook 64 GB (naked at home, cased up on the road)
    • OEM Convertible case

    In my backpack, which goes to work and on any trips:

    • BB Cube charger
    • PlayBook USB charger (for rapid-charging my BB if needed)
    • PlayBook rapid charger, and sometimes the dock

    My BB and PB are bridged all day, and I can usually make it 12-14 hours on a charge without charging during the day. I do, however, plug my BB into my car charger when I need to, especially when piping music to my car stereo via the Cruiser 2, and/or using Google Maps. I have a 40-minute each way commute. I make sure to keep a charger of some sort handy, just in case I decide to play a lot of Xploding Boxes or Angry Birds, or Dead Space, or if I get a few BBM group rejoins, or anything else that might take a chunk out of my charge.

    Not sure what kind of fancy stuff you're looking for, but there's plenty out there that will meet your needs.
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    01-22-12 09:54 PM