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    Does anyone own this holster? I would like to know if a 9700 commuter would fit in one. I use a 2" belt at work and can't get the OEM holsters to clip onto my belt properly so the Nite Ize Rugged Case would work great for me.
    01-17-10 04:40 PM
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    Yes, I own one, and have for several months. The case is hard-shelled in front but soft and flexible in back. It will take a skinned 9k Bold with no problem, and takes my thick-skinned Curve with room to spare, even with a spare battery in the back pouch.

    The clip is one of the more secure ones I've had, and rotates a full 360 the magnet initiates sleep mode face-in or out for me.
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    Excellent! thank you
    01-17-10 05:34 PM