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    There is an "in stock" case available for the Storm on Vaja - Leather Products. It is all black with red interior and ships in 3 days. I ordered a case 2 days ago and went online to check on my order and saw this new one. I tried to cancel my other order, but too late. I was stalling on my order for days. If only I would have stalled more. I really like this new case because of the nice texture of the leather. I ended up ordering the SP in black with the Citron stripe. Oh well. Hopefully the 20 days goes by without any breakage. I just got a replacement due to cracked screen.

    If you order, don't forget the SPOILME code for a discount. Their main office is in Miami so living in Florida I also had to pay sales tax.
    05-07-09 02:33 PM