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    Hey people,

    I have been a long time reader of your site...always wanted to join but never really had a reason until now...

    I have owned blackberries since their pager days - shoot i still have it and it works...just no service...

    But what i have is a kick in the pants to all the iPhone users out there who think they are the only ones to be able to stream MP3's to their Stereo Docking Station or system of the like...

    If you own a iPod then you will prolly know a company called iSkin. they make everything mostly for iPods and iPhones...Till now

    I dont even know if they know this but they have this product they made for iPods called the TX+RX. I found this from a friend of mine who bought this for her iPod and its awesome. What it does is allow your iPod or *cough* Stupid iPhone *cough* to connect to the stereo via bluetooth. So yeah very cool...

    so in a nutshell I'm now able to stream stereo to my Bose system
    that I normally would only be able to do with my iPod

    How it works is that you take the RX portion that you get from iSkin.com and plug it into your dock stereo and pair it with your phone via bluetooth. I got mine today and I'm streaming all my mp3s i have on my phone right now...SIIIIIICk

    anyways kudos to the guys at iSkin for unknowingly making a product for us Blackberry people...

    09-17-07 08:56 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

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    09-17-07 09:51 PM