1. Lyndon1174's Avatar
    Hi Folks,

    I just picked up a new seidio extended life battery through crackberry.com
    I charged the battery fully prior to inserting it into my BB 9650.
    When I inserted the battery nothing happened but a big "X" over a battery in the middle of the screen. Did they sent me a faulty battery? Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

    Any advice is appreciated

    Thanks in advance
    05-21-11 06:34 AM
  2. bigmanny831's Avatar
    i had this happen to me but with the OEM battery. I think it happens when is low on "juice" make sure the usb cable is plugged in properly.
    05-23-11 01:12 AM
  3. Zach7's Avatar
    Sounds like you charged the new battery outside the device. Is the battery at room temperature? If it was exposed to cooler temperature it may act this way when put into the device. Try charging in the device or warming it in your hands for a bit. If still not working get in touch with customer service for a replacement.
    05-23-11 01:35 AM
  4. trsbbs's Avatar
    My first Seidio battery for my 9650 was bad and sent it back. The retailer promptly
    sent me a new one and an RA for the old one.

    The new one works like a charm.

    The person on the phone, when I called to return it, did state they had
    seen a few bad ones.

    When you get the replacement, charge it in the phone for a full 8 hours.

    05-23-11 09:27 AM