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    After about 3 months of research I picked up the new PONG Lexan case for the Bold 9700.

    Using Tawkon on as a point of reference for radiation output during calls (before case and after case insertion)the case truly does work. I've been using Tawkon since its beta Android days and then shifted to my Blackberry. Depending on signal strength, during a call (without a case) Tawkon's icon on the top of the OS6 screen blinks from green (safe) to red (high radiation discharge). Tawkon then prompts me to go into speaker mode immediately since radiation is being absorbed. Of course this is reliant on signal strength\the signal boosting the Blackberry is doing to get optimal signal during the call (bouncing from 3G to EDGE to GPRS and then back to 3G -correct me here on signal boosting if I'm incorrect).

    Upon PONG case insertion, the Tawkon icon sits green during an entire call, not turning red at all! Going into Tawkon, the details of the previous call state "0% radiation has been absorbed." Normally it would say "100% of radiation has been absorbed." The case must be doing something if Tawkon hasn't popped up with the "Please activate speaker mode immediately! Radiation is high!" since using the PONG case.

    Battery life has also increased! Wow, that was a surprise! Normally by about 2PM of my work day of texting, BBM'ing, phone calling on a mixture of headset, speaker and normal spearmodes, the battery lowers to half -45%-50%. With the PONG case, battery has come down to 80% by 2PM. I'm trying to see if there are more tests I can run on this thing.

    Oh and did I mention, the new black Lexan hard plastic design (matte finish) is smudge\oil\fingerprint proof and looks like it was pulled out of Batman's arsenal? Think Batman Begins Nomex suit. The design is simply the most sleek and edgy I've seen to date! PONG's concept designers are damn talented!

    All in all really satisfied so far!
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