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    I got a new pocket case a little while ago and thought I'd post some pics and thoughts.

    I ordered it from eAccess Solutions for $29.99.
    eAccess eStore - BlackBerry Tour Leather Pocket Slip Case (Black)

    It's a fairly rigid case with a leather exterior and microfiber interior. The interior does not feel plush at all, but hasn't scratched the phone at all. It has a sleeper magnet in the back of the case, which is odd, since the magnet in the blackberry holster is in the front. Regardless, the sleep sensor works just fine. The case also had a nylon strap that runs under the phone and out the top of the case, so you can pull on it to help get the phone out. I found that having that strap was more of a hassle than a help, so I just cut it out. As you can see, the case doesn't have a belt clip, so it is slim enough to put in your pocket. It also covers the status LED, which doesn't bother me. I prefer to have to have the top of the phone covered, unlike the Blackberry pocket sleeve.
    10-01-09 04:34 PM