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    I currently have one of those Blackberry Skins. The form factor of it is perfect, my only problem with it is that it is rubberized which makes it difficult to get it in and out of my pocket. Is there any slim hard case that you guys would recommend? A leather case would be nice too but most of the ones I have seen do not look like they are very good quality.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
    12-28-07 01:41 PM
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    12-28-07 01:52 PM
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    12-28-07 01:57 PM
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    You might want to check the Leather Pocket for the 8800.
    12-28-07 05:35 PM
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    The best thing to have is the Invisible shield it scratch proofs your phone completely but you cant even see the thing and if you run your finger over your phone you can barely even feel it on there its available for the 8130 IDK what other models are available I didnt ask I was only worried with my situation LoL but they have a website you can check out "shieldzone" or "invisibleshield" dot com... for the 8130 it covers the entire body so it is SIC!
    01-02-08 03:29 PM