1. ZedRight's Avatar
    Never used a bluetooth for my blackberry. Now I need one.

    Any recommendations for which of the above or anything else out there?

    I wear glasses. Comfort and quality and performance is key.

    02-23-10 01:01 PM
  2. F0nage's Avatar
    The Voyager Pro is comfortable even though it's huge, and the sound quality is excellent. It doesn't feel very secure to me although it hasn't fallen off. For active use I haven't seen any headset that looks like it would really work. It's supposed to be the best headset available if audio is the only issue. I don't think anything from BlueAnt can compare to it. Pairs easily with my phones, takes 2 seconds to set up and forget it.
    02-24-10 09:10 AM
  3. E MOney's Avatar
    Hello there... If you're considering bluetooth still, consider the jawbone mini. I have used this device and I drive trucks. Performance is outstandin and ambient noise reduction is wonderful. I too wear glasses and with the jawbone, I forget I have it in, fall asleep and sleep with it in on many occasions.
    I too have posessed the blue-and t9 I think It was, the predacessor to the mini they have in radio shack now. It too delivered superior comfort and great noise reduction as well as comfort. It was a sleepable headset as well! I gave that to a friend as I didn't want to rid myself of the jawbone. I could talk all day about headsets, hit me up and I can tell you a few more...
    02-28-10 12:13 AM
  4. E MOney's Avatar
    Oh yeah, you should, as well, keep in mind noise reduction capablities if you will be using this earpiece in public or noisy conditions... Hit me up. You can see I love to talk
    02-28-10 12:16 AM
  5. sniper27's Avatar
    jawbone prime.
    02-28-10 03:39 PM
  6. eharty's Avatar
    I have been using a Jawbone Icon for the past week and I am thoroughly impressed. The sound quality and noise reduction is outstanding. Prior to that I was using a BlueAnt Z9i. It is still under warranty and I am having difficulty getting BlueAnt to respond. Because of this poor customer service I would not recommend BlueAnt.

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    02-28-10 06:18 PM
  7. vanesserstation's Avatar
    I have to agree with snipe and ed h, jawbones are very good. The noise reduction feature great, well worth every dollar you'll spend.
    02-28-10 09:17 PM
  8. rsxtcy4me's Avatar
    I have the voyager pro. I abolutely love it. The sound quatlity is excellent and I often and times forget that I have it in my ear. I'm not quite sure if it gets rid of wind noise as well as it promises because I once called my wife on an extremely windy day and she wasnt really able to hear me too quickly. But as soon as you stop worrying about it being a huge bluetooth piece and being self-conscience about it's a great piece with a huge battery life and awesome quality sound. Also there are times where I forget that I am even wearing it. Lastly, unlike many other bluetooth headset, I've never experienced any discomfort or soreness what so-ever, that so far has been a huge plus for me!
    03-09-10 12:33 PM
  9. lfe_chimera's Avatar
    Blue Ant is good, but i've been using Jawbone 2 for the last year or so, and it's been amazing, noise reduction and very strong connection.
    03-09-10 02:28 PM