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    well to start off, 2 weeks ago my friend gave me this B.B 8820 and this is my first blackberry. The catch is the charger port or the actual little chip if i may call it is gone! I went back to my friend and asked him what happened, and he said after the two years he had the B.B he tried to pull the charger out and he took the chip out with it. I don't know anywhere to get it fixed since his manufacturer warranty has expired and it was given to me CAN ANYONE HELP ME!
    11-01-09 08:17 AM
  2. dave2004's Avatar
    If you are good at fixing and working with small items you can replace the part can get it on ebay here is a link

    FIX USB CHARGER PORT FOR BLACKBERRY 8800 8810 8820 8830 - eBay (item 400062020898 end time Nov-12-09 16:37:14 PST)
    11-01-09 08:24 AM
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    Hey Thanks man this will help alot.
    11-01-09 08:34 AM
  4. dave2004's Avatar
    Your welcome
    11-01-09 08:35 AM
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    11-01-09 08:36 AM