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    does anyone know of a car mount kit for the 8330 that will still fit the phone if you have the plastic body glove protective case on it? I called into crackberry and they said they didnt have one that it would fit into unless i removed my case, even any of the universal ones. Anyone know of any other kits? i really don't want to take it off, its saved my phone a few times already.
    12-03-09 02:15 PM
  2. JanBru's Avatar
    I bought the smallest universal holder I could find I believe it says for smartphones and GPS it works great with my roots case and any other case I have! I got it at Walmart in Canada for $19.99 cdn

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    12-03-09 03:17 PM
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    sorry I forgot to mention it adjusts it holds a pearl just fine and it adjusts up to my bold 9000 in a case with room for adjustments still, it holds my BB tight and even in a really thick rubber case has never dropped it
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    12-03-09 03:19 PM
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    k, thanks for the help
    12-04-09 01:58 AM
  5. ross778's Avatar
    Radioshack has a few universal mounts that will adjust to fit a number of phones. They have dash mounts, floor mounts, and air vent mounts.
    12-04-09 04:47 PM