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    I love my blackberry curve 8330m from Sprint. I have owned the phone now for about 5 months. Well for Christmas I received a powermat and a powermat adapter door to put on my phone. I also highly recommend this also for anyone that charges more than one phone. It even charges my bluetooth headset at the same time it is charging my phone. I love this. The powermat adapter basically is a magnet that is used to charge the device wirelessly when placed on the powermat. But I am having one problem. The powermat adapter on my phone makes it a tad bit thicker. When I slide my blackberry into the leather holster that I purchased seperatly It has problems going into sleep mode. Also its a problem when I'm listening to music while its in the holster. Anyone have any suggestions? I really want to use this powermat it works so well. Help me fellow Crackberry members
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