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    I ordered 2 complete sets, one for my Bold and one for my wife's Curve.

    I got 'em at 40% off during their promotion a week or so ago, and they arrived yesterday.

    I did the Bold first, last nite, and the Curve this morning. Good and bad.

    First, view the install videos on their site, they are pretty good at telling you what you can expect. The Bold comes with a drawing detailing where each piece goes, but I didn't find that until I was done, it is inside the sleeve around the box. So, obviously you can figure out where each piece goes without the drawing.

    Wash your hands thoroughly and be generous with the spray liquid they provide. You won't run out of it. In general, the install goes pretty easy, just take your time and make sure your work area is well lit. Try very hard to place the edges exactly where you want them the first time, as it is a bear to remove a piece and put it back after the glue starts to set up.

    Overall, I like the curve protection a LOT more than the Bold. The screens are protected well on both, and while I decided not to use the back piece on the bold (the faux leather doesn't really need it, IMO), the back cover pieces seem adequate.

    Sides. This is where the 2 models diverge a LOT. The curve pieces are more encompassing, the long sides are covered by one piece each, cut to go around the buttons and curve around the back. A LOT of coverage on the sides and ends. Harder to install, but better protected in the end. The bold pieces are just a few rectangles you place between the buttons. And there is no 'wrapping' on the sides and ends to protect them. A LOT of exposed real estate on the bold.

    In closing, I would recommend them, as some protection is certainly better than none, but the Curve design covers MUCH more of the phone than the bold design. I feel that ZAGG was in a hurry to produce protection for the bold, and didn't really spend enough time designing a more fully protected design.

    Just my feelings, YMMV,
    11-09-08 12:18 PM
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    Thanks for the review, good job!
    11-10-08 01:45 AM