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    After looking through many posting on BSE, InsivibleShield and BodyGuardz skin, I chose BodyGuardz for a couple of reasons.

    1. You get two full skins. (I figure I would mess it up)
    2. Bodyguardz supposedly has least amount of "orange peel" effect.

    Last night, I spent a couple of hours putting the skin on my Bold... I was quite an experience.

    The package, attractive and professional looking arrived via US Postal Service mail.

    Contained in the package were:
    1. Brief instructions printed on the side of the box.
    2. Spray bottle containing solution of water and baby shampoo.
    3. A half sized credit card like looking plastic meant to be used as as a squeezee.

    I Read through the instructions first then started to prep my Bold. (i.e. wiping it clean). This took foever as which wipe with my eye glass cleaner cloth (supposedly lint free) kept putting tiny piece of lint on the screen. I wish BodyGuardz has come with a lint free cloth to use for this purpose. They should include it considering it costs ~$25.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I found a sizeable mark (a chipped of piece of chrome finish) on the bezel just an hour before I began. I wish BodyGuardz had arrived a day sooner and I would not have the nasty mark.. But, I digress.

    Once I clened the screen I put the piece for the lcd screen. This was not easy, took me a few tries to get it to center it properly. All the other pieces went on OK. EXCEPT for the bezel. This was a nightmere. Took me over 30 minutes to just get this piece to line up correctly. Also, I realized that BodyGuardz didn't have pieces to protect the buttons. So I ended up cutting four pieces for the buttons out of the large piece that was meant to cover the batter cover... (who wants to put this stuff on the leatherette back anyway?)

    Finally, it's all done, and I am waiting for the microbubbles to disappear in 12-24 hours as advertised.... I hope so.... I will post the final impression once the skins has fully cured.

    Here's the initial impression

    1. You get two sets.

    1. Pieces are NOT cut precisely. Particularly the bezel piece. It's too big and too wide around the corners.
    2. Did not have pieces for the buttons.
    3. Did not come with lint free cloth ( i think invisibleShiled comes with one)
    12-17-08 11:41 AM
  2. mykey2k's Avatar
    I too bought the Bodyguardz and it has been in use since 4-December.

    I opted to not put the bezel portion on for the reason I couldn't position it properly and was just getting frustrated.

    This past week the bottom portion started to come "unsticky" and peel away from the case around the release and the lanyard hole. These portions are fairly thin and get a lot of "abuse" from my hands as they are the places I rest my thumbs when using the BB. There is also a bit of glue residue around the outside portions that I end up scraping away.

    So I don't know how well it will hold up over the next 2 weeks.

    12-17-08 11:54 AM
  3. Lokus's Avatar
    My experience was pretty much the same.

    I recently had my Bold swapped by Rogers because the mic died on my original one. For this reason having the two pairs of skins will come in handy. However, I will only be putting the screen guard on my new Bold as I found the skins for all the other parts were pretty useless given that I take pretty good care of the phone, keeping it in the leather holster most of the time. Also the skin that goes on the back doesn't stay attached to the rounded corners on the Bold, so it just collects dust on the corners.

    Unless you really want to protect the chrome and back of your Bold, I would suggest just buying one of the less expensive screen guards.
    12-17-08 02:22 PM
  4. sparkomatic's Avatar
    pakman92, I would send them an email about the fit. When I first got my Bold, they came out with their kit first. I ordered and ended up getting a refund because I didn't think the cut was precise. A couple others here mentioned the same thing. In the end, they felt the cut was perfect and offered me a refund.

    I will say their customer service was excellent and they were very nice to deal with. However, if you think the fit was not right, I'd definitely let them know. If anything, it will only improve their product!
    12-17-08 02:44 PM