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    Hello All --

    I've tried searching for "music + blackberry messenger" and "headphones + blackberry messenger" but it returned irrelevant results.

    First off, I have already tried a battery pull

    My 9700 is about a week old. When I first got it, it worked fine. I would play music through my car stereo, and whenever a message/alert would come through, it would briefly lower the music, play the alert, and the music would continue.

    Now, the alert comes through & the music stops playing. When I press the "mute/play" key on the top of the phone to continue the music, it sets the phone into standby. I have to go into media > music > now playing > and press play, where the current song will start from the beginning.

    Any ideas on how to remedy the issue?

    I've only noticed this with BBM so far. Not sure about e-mail & text message alerts... And all the music is coming from my SD card.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    EDIT:: I found this thread - http://forums.crackberry.com/f146/pl...bbming-401805/ - Which mentions the same problem. I changed my search tags to "music + alerts" - Is this the only solution? It seems that this is not a "normal" thing... ???

    If so, please disregard this thread & delete. My apologies!
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    So no one can shed any light on this issue other than the related thread?

    I'm bummed! I can't figure out why it all of a sudden started acting crazy!
    01-20-10 11:01 PM