1. saintnick76's Avatar
    Argh......got the gateway for home stereo cause I love bt thru my bose bt speaker. Hooked up and running but anywhere I go right down to standing next to it it still cuts out while playing. I'm going to try in other rooms on other equipment but thinking equip failure
    08-25-12 05:46 PM
  2. Carl Estes's Avatar
    About 30 feet away, it can/will start to cut out.

    ALSO, if you hold the Playbook in your left hand while the playbook is in it's natural orientation (volume buttons up), it can start to cut out also. This is the side on which the wifi/bt antennea are.

    Curious thing: when I first got the Gateway, and paired it to my playbook, FOR
    ONE DAY (I was on the now-defunct .688 which was pulled from RIM servers after about 48 hrsa.) I had the approx. range of about 40 feet, AND NO CUTTING OUT, even holding it in my left hand (covering the antennea).

    Hopefully in the next OS update this will be addressed. This also coincided with the .668 update and I hope.....................................

    09-05-12 02:43 PM