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    I have a Pearl 8110 on T-Mobile that came with the free TeleNav Sat Nav - which, I now know why it was for free - it dosen't work!!!.....most of the times it is not able to calculate a route - saying 'weak signal', although the network GPRS signal is full!!!.....I wonder if anybody else is experiencing the same problem?

    I am thinking of getting a Copilot Live 7 software - does anyone have any experience with it - on Pearl 8110?

    The other problem I have experienced with the TeleNav sat nav is that it has a very low volume (even at max)and is not integrated with the Pearl's 8110's sound system, so occasionally when it does decide to work....the instructions are barely audible!!!

    To overcome this....I have been searching for a car kit mount with an integrated speaker....that could enhance the Sat Nav instructions as well as work as a handsfree speaker. Apart from the systems available that can be integrated into the car sound system (THB Uni - invasive and very expensive!).......surprisingly I could only find one that is for the BB 8800 series and none for the Pearl 8110!........

    I would like to know if other people have been facing the same problems....and how they are getting around them.......

    08-05-08 03:22 PM
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    I have had a similar issue with mine (although on AT&T network). I am searching for a similar device that has the integrated speaker...I'm checking on this and will post if I find one.
    08-05-08 03:58 PM
  3. mcontuzzi's Avatar
    08-05-08 04:00 PM
  4. drsajali's Avatar
    Thanks! This does look good. I wonder if it will sync with the Sat Nav voice as well?
    08-07-08 05:55 AM
  5. MBW's Avatar
    You may want to double check - I think it uses the car radio - which means you can't listen to the car radio, too.

    Interestingly, there are some replacement car radios at about the same price that build in a lot of Bluetooth support; investigate.
    08-07-08 08:22 AM