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    I am a new BB crackaddict, and have been using my curve 8330 to play mp3's with a wired set of headphones. But when I receive an alert (email, txt, IM, or phone calls) the music simply pauses, but do not hear any alert or rings. I noticed the ear phones that came with my curve, I do get the alerts, but not normal headphones? Is it because the amount of connectors (not sure what the are called), the ones that came with it has 3, my cheap ones have 2. Is the 3rd (which I normally see used for ones with a mic) what the bb uses to play the alerts?

    I am also curious if anyone has any review on a Motorola S9 headset, and if it plays alerts, or just pauses like my cheap headphones do. I'm seeing some cheap S9's on ebay, are they good, or spend the extra money for the S9 HD? Also, looks like it can be used for phone calls to? Thanks

    08-02-09 11:11 AM