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    It pairs up with the Curve and delivers Hi-Fi quality sound. Controls on the headset let me flip through my collection and adjust the volume to suitable levels.

    Media controls on the Right, Phone controls on the left. Nice touch, the mic is built into the ear piece, no boom.

    Tones accompany settings changes, so it is easy to figure out which button you are pressing, in front of the ear.

    The LED indicator is in the back. Pretty useless after you have established a Bluetooth connection. I gather you pull it off to verify battery levels, if it goes Red, time to plug it in again.

    Overall, I am very pleased with it.

    edit: I have just discovered, Video sound does not transmit. That would have been nice, but not a deal breaker.
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    04-29-08 08:12 PM
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    I have the S9 and mixed feelings in regards. Sound isnt offensive and control layout is good except other than volume it doesnt work with a 3rd party music application. Im using flipside S9 controls arent fuctional. I believe this is an issue with flipside and not the S9.
    That being said the S9 is somewhat uncomfortable after about 20 minutes of wear seem to pinch the inner ear.
    Overall for the price $45 on ebay not bad....Hate the wires of a traditionalheadset.
    07-29-08 02:38 PM
  3. devnull's Avatar
    I have the S9 and love it too. I am able to wear mine for several hours before they start to become uncomfortable (using the medium size earpieces). I did try the large ones and they were more comfortable, but blocked too much outside noise (I need to be able to converse with coworkers).
    The controls not working with 3rd party software is a RIM issue; they seem to feel it is ok to keep the programming details for that secret so nobody knows how to add it to their applications.
    The lack of video sound is also by design, because bluetooth adds considerable delay to the audio.
    07-30-08 09:58 AM
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    There should be some way to tweak the timing on audio/video sync so that Bluetooth would work. Obviously, the app would have to work with the delay to allow a resync
    07-30-08 11:40 AM
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    I have a BB 8800, and cant get my music to work?!?

    I'm running version I heard something about updating to 4.3 and it will work?

    Help me.
    07-30-08 03:22 PM
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    yea I own a S9 and love it the only thing that sucks is you cannot make calls over UMA. Called T-MO and they said it is an issue with the headset and not the phone so now I have a S9 and a blackberry 655+ headset.

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    08-02-08 06:35 PM
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    I havent been able to tall over UMA either while using the headset, but from reading elsewhere had deduced that it was from blutooth and wifi interfering with each other.
    08-04-08 09:49 AM