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    So I just but the new Moto S9 headphones and I would like to start a discussion about what other users think about them.
    I have only had the S9 for two days and I'm a lil mixed about it right now . I like to take walks at night to get away from the world and I thought it might be nice to take my BB and S9 with me to enjoy some nice slow music. I carry my BB in my pocket rather than on my belt due to the fact I have to have a dedicated emergancy line (my work phone) with me at all times, but I have to say I was very disappointed with how much the S9 skiped. According to the directions for the S9 to work well it must be kept above ur waist level. However on a good note I took it with me to the gym to day and it worked great on the bike.
    Basicly I really like the weight, design, and the fact that its wireless but I think for 134 dollars it better work from my gym locker not just above waist level.
    So I'd like to know what others think. Before I decied to keep it or take it back. Also I was thinking that if the BB is a smartphone would it expan its field over time with theS9 the more I use them?(Idk maybe a dumb question lol.)

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    10-04-07 10:16 PM
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    You might also check out the Plantronics Voyager 855 when it comes out this early November. You can check the details on this baby here

    Checking compatability, it didn't show the CURVE but then again, could be co'z the 8300 Series are fairly new and didn't get it up and listed? I hope so because I want to get one for myself.
    11-01-07 02:03 PM
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    works fine with mine.
    12-30-07 11:18 AM