1. pbinnyc's Avatar
    just recieved the monaco alum. case in the mail today. it wasnt supposed to show up till thurs., so i got it 2 days early.
    it seems well thought out, lined w/ neoprene so it doesnt scratch the phone.
    the rear "button" can be unscrewed if you want to carry the phone in your pocket or a leather holster. all in all im pretty happy w/ it. as soon as i figure out how, i'll upload some pics.
    05-26-09 05:56 PM
  2. philatangy's Avatar
    That looks pretty sweet!
    05-26-09 06:11 PM
  3. 7801MonteMan's Avatar
    Looking forward to seeing a picture. You'll have to give a month or two review of how the case is working for you then. I am looking for a case that I can put mine in when I want to use a case. Right now I am just keeping it bare in my back pocket.
    05-26-09 06:34 PM
  4. pbinnyc's Avatar
    sorry guys, but can anyone tell me how to post pictures? i have them on my computer via the desktop/media manager. i cant seem to just copy & paste them.
    05-26-09 07:20 PM
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    the icon that looks like a paperclip... and plus you could not do it untill you had more than 10 posts, with your last post you had 11 so your good to go.
    05-26-09 07:22 PM
  6. pbinnyc's Avatar
    05-27-09 12:13 AM
  7. oldtennisguy's Avatar
    so how are you liking the aluminum case
    06-02-09 10:29 PM
  8. pbinnyc's Avatar
    so far so good.
    06-08-09 01:35 AM
  9. dumbassdanny's Avatar
    a few questions about this as I am considering it for 9630:
    does the case pop open too easily?
    with that case on, can it still slide into the OEM leather holster?
    if it goes into the holster, does the magnet/lock mechanism still work?
    does the case interfere with the trackball?
    did you buy this online or from a store -- where i could go and find all of this out myself (NYC area)?
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    10-22-09 07:19 AM
  10. grantwelch77's Avatar
    I have a Body Glove hard case, that is excellent, but with a few downsides. First... it is hard to pry open once it is snapped together, although it has been dropped and the case did not pop open....So it makes a battery pull difficult. The battery pull simulater does not work for me b/c i am running the Iberry theme, it comes back with unhandled exception errors. Second, u have to manually lock the keypad by holding the "A" key...not too big a problem. Third, the case snugs the phone very closely, so it does make the "Q,A,Alt key,P,Del key, and Return key" difficult to press without using your fingernail. Overall, I am happy with the case. I also have the invisa-shield on the entire phone which works great if you are carrying it bare in your pocket. DADanny...it does not interfere with the trackball, I bought mine at the nearest wireless store(they let me put it on my phone before buying). No it does not fit into the leather holster, it replaces your holster.
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    10-22-09 09:01 AM