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    Hey, so we all like getting a discount (no doubt there), so why not share?

    Every purchase from mobihand gets you a coupon code. Now if you're not going to use it, then why waste it? I'm just suggesting that every time you have a coupon that is going to go unused, then post it here!

    After you've used the coupon PLEASE post that you have! Or else we all get frustrated trying..

    Please note that I've started a like thread in the 3rd party app section, this one is for ACCESSORIES.

    I'll start.

    Accessories coupon code: FP0E3757H9E2F (5%) Coupon expires 5/20/2009

    **If this is against CB policy then I apologize and please just tell me and block the thread, I will happily remove all posts and whatever is necessary.
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    Good idea!

    The codes I posted below are good for multiple uses and only expire by some defined date if they are still valid today.

    Notice that the form of your code is different than mine.

    Are you sure that your codes are "transferrable" or might they be reserved for use with a particular account or credit card?

    I like the date kind because you can validate it then send the same known working code to your friends and they are good until the date they expire.
    MobiHand Coupon Codes (6 available) - Tjoos
    04-23-09 08:07 AM
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    Hey, the code I've given if for a one-time use when purchasing from mobihand. Once used it no longer works. The only code other then this one that I've found to work is mh10.

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    04-23-09 08:09 AM