1. mugdwaller's Avatar
    I work in midtown Manhattan and I'm wondering how the microphones compare between the Voyager 520 (a bluetooth earpiece) and the Etymotics hf2 (an ear canal headset).

    I temporarily have a Voyager 520 and its microphone definitely better than the headset that came with the blackberry, but it still picks up a fair amount of wind noise. Unfortunately, I've discovered that it can only be used with the phone app and it can't playback music or podcasts.

    The hf2 is obviously the better choice for playback quality, but I'm more concerned at the moment with others being able to hear and understand my speech. From what I've read, the hf2 is the ear canal headset with the best microphone. If there are better ones, feel free to suggest them as well.
    01-17-10 10:12 AM