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    Hey CB family, has anyone tried the Matias keyboards? Any reviews, comments? I am very interested in getting the BB+PC version for my office, i do find myself typing on the PC and very often grabbing my BB to chat with customers thru BBM. This really seems like a great solution.

    I just got an email confirmation from them clarifying a couple of concerns i had:

    1. Does it require a software to be downloaded to the phone.

    2. What apps can I use to type with this keyboard? (e.g.BBM, WhatsApp, MSN,
    Email, G-talk etc)?

    3. Does the keyboard auto-wake up the phone or do i have to keep waking the
    phone up by hand everytime i need to type into it?

    4. WILL THE Matias One Keyboard for BlackBerry & PC work on my 9900 with OS7.1 ??

    5. Do you have in stock or whats the lead time?

    Hi Ian,

    Yes, it requires software to be downloaded to the BlackBerry. You just go to a particular URL from your BlackBerry and it autodetects which version of the software you need. Then you just follow the prompts to install the software.

    You can use all apps to type with this keyboard.

    If there has been a long period (several minutes) without typing anything, the keyboard will go in power saving mode, but reanimates pretty quickly when you press any key. As for the BlackBerry itself, pressing a key on the keyboard will normally wake up the phone too (if it has gone into power saving mode).

    Yes, the Matias One Keyboard for BlackBerry and PC will work on your 9900 with OS7.1.

    We have them in stock now ... go ahead and order!

    Best Regards,
    from Matias Customer Service

    Hope this helps anyone like me looking for this kind of solution. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    see the product here: http://matias.ca/onekeyboard/blackberry/

    Ian B
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    Joseph did a little post on it awhile back.

    Matias Keyboard: http://crackberry.com/matias-one-key...zed-keyboards-
    04-05-12 12:04 PM