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    Does any knows of a holster that can accomodate the 9810 with the Otterbox Commuter case and permits the magnetic sleep function.
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    08-31-11 01:31 PM
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    The Platinum Series for the Bold 9000 fits the 9800/9810 with an Otterbox and puts it to sleep. It's more of a clip than a holster, but it's what you're looking for. The only thing I know of, actually.

    Amazon.com: Platinum Series Case For Blackberry Bold: Everything Else
    08-31-11 01:55 PM
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    I used an otterbox for my 9800 and had been looking for a holster/clip. I saw how the iphone(y) had it but could never find one for my torch. I was furthermore disapointed on the flimsy top part of the OB and found a work around by using a black silicone top with the pink and black bottom. Due to the lack or so I thought of the clip/holster I ordered an Endo case with sleep magnet clip. Not sure if I like how it raises above the keyboard on the side though bit anoying actualy. Do love the sleep clip/holster though. Going to check out the link above and perhaps go back to the OB.

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    08-31-11 10:29 PM
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    Well I be, just popped my 9800 which is back in my OB and it fit perfect into the Endo clip off to find the pink and white OB

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    08-31-11 10:35 PM
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    You could also look at the Seidio Active case/holster combo. It works well and has a sleeper magnet. I don't know if the OB would work in the Active holster. But maybe.
    09-01-11 12:19 AM