1. christopherwwoo's Avatar
    So... today, I shelved out the money to buy a BlackBerry M-series Mini Extra Battery Charger and an extra BlackBerry Bold battery. I was wondering since the Bold's power drains so quickly how many of you have bought an extra battery and charger for your Bold. If so, is it convenient for you to carry the charger and the 2 batteries around? What's your overall experience with it? Any problems/complaints?
    02-09-09 01:45 AM
  2. ST79's Avatar
    I'm a heavy user and my battery level will be between 20-25 % when I put it to charge every night. I haven't bought a second battery as it lasts a whole day for me...
    02-09-09 02:37 AM
  3. christopherwwoo's Avatar
    My battery life seems to be getting a retaining energy better , I got the phone on Wednesday (2/5) and now it is Monday (2/9), does the battery get more seasoned the more uses it has?
    02-09-09 02:56 AM
  4. danielx's Avatar
    mine is about the same result as ST79
    i don't carry an extra battery or charger
    for me, i just leave my data cable in the office and while i am working, i plug my bb in and let it charge via my laptop
    02-09-09 03:00 AM
  5. LittleRedDot's Avatar
    My battery lasted 2/12 to 3 days for the first 3 sweeks, now it only lasts 1 day.

    I'm not buying an "extra" battery, but I am going to get a huge replacement battery and use the original one as a spare.
    02-09-09 05:29 AM