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    UPDATE: I just figured it out, its not an original battery.

    Hi there,
    I bought a new original M-S1 battery on amazon from a German online store.

    the first one I got didn't fit into my 9000, it was to big. So I returned it and got a new one. Same problem again, it doesn't fit. I compared my old and the new one. the new one seems to be a little wider.

    I made a picture, but I guess this doesn't help since I don't own a better camera.

    Made in China

    The damage sticker is on it,..
    Attached Thumbnails M-S1 Fake or not?-1350647787618.jpg  
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    10-19-12 07:06 AM
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    I dont know how to identify a original battery.
    If u search it on ebay they look all the same!!!!
    10-19-12 06:02 PM

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