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    *EDIT* Dear god what happened to my title?! haha that is terrible!

    I noticed the post about the crackberry contest for the free powered backpacks! Awesome contest, and great sounding bags as well. If you don't win one of those, though, maybe you'd be interested in these bags my brother designed and has for sale. Same idea, except the battery pack is charged via USB or via the SUN! YOU CAN CHARGE IT ANYWHERE THE SUN IS! haha It's true. Anyways, check out the bags, if you like them, get one! He'd appreciate the business. You can see them at his website.

    If you want a discount beyond the $20, send me a PM and I'll hook up the crackberry people with some extra discount!

    I have this bag, and I love it. I can charge my phone a few times from empty to full without seeing the sun or recharging the battery. Works great!

    Enjoy the weekend crackberrians! Happy Family Day on Monday!
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