1. DiabeticDoc2B's Avatar
    I have a 8GB chip and OS 4.3 (downloading 4.5 now) so my phone reads all of my chip. See the thing is that I only have about 5MB of memory left on my chip, so needless to say I've used up almost all of my memory. So when I try to play my music or watch videos there is a huge delay between the time I press play and the tyme it actually starts. Is this because it has to search through my oh so many files or have something to do with my having so many. Or could it be because of my OS?
    04-07-08 07:27 AM
  2. patrick.waugh's Avatar
    It might be because you have too little device memory free, so it has to memory swap to put the application you want in memory.

    Try first making sure you are not running a ton of programs in the background, but have, in fact, exited out. Then, check how much free device memory you have available. You need to keep some free at all times.
    04-07-08 02:41 PM