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    Allot of questions and suggestions were recently made for what is better for the Tour in regards with protection. A lot of polls were created to get users views on what's good and what is not... I have always used a holster with any BB, with everyday office carry. But when it's sitting on the desk at work. You still have to have protection. Some user I know pocket carry it with nothing and some use a skin. I was never a fan of skins on the Curve and even the Storm. But I figured at the price I would give them a try with the Tour. I got four colors, Red, Blue, White(Clear), and Black. You will also the the one I got on "Release Day" at VZW. It's much thicker and in the hand it has more bulk. But that bulk comes added protection. One nice thing is with the thinner skinds they work with the OEM holster, it's is a bit tight but not as bad in previous devices, and skins.

    Take a few minutes and check out the pictures below.

    Remember these skins can be picked up at Shop Crackberry Store!

    Thanks for looking

    08-15-09 11:50 PM
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    Verizon Skin....(Thicker)

    08-15-09 11:55 PM