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    Do not buy, from blackberry directly.

    This is pretty much an afterthought, on my part. I was perusing their site, for headsets. And, saw this.

    They are willing to sell you a 2GB Sandisk SD card, with the little converter( to make it a regular SD card...this is not a reader...it does not come with a reader), for $60 USD.

    I purchased a 2GB PNY kit, that included a USB reader, for $29 from Microcenter.

    Now, the obvious questions arise... What about quality? Answer: You can get the 2GB Sandisk version from any store, nationwide, for $30 also.

    Being a computer hardware GEEK, for the past ten years...I would say PNY, Kingston are the only names to trust. Sandisk is fine, from what I can tell. However, I've not used their PCB's for the past 10 yrs (unlike PNY and Kingston).
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