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    1.) Amazon.com: Black and Pink Love Hearts Lips Design with White Diamonds Laser Cut Silicone Skin Cover Case Cell Phone Protector for BlackBerry Curve 8300 8310 8320 8330: Cell Phones & Service

    2.) Amazon.com: BlackBerry Curve 8330/8300 Pink/White Zebra Laser Cut Silicon Skin Case: Office Products

    Amazon only doesn't take Paypal which I only have, I am mainly looking for #1. One site had it but they turned out to be a scam.

    Any ideas??

    Oops forgot to mention it's for a 8330
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    07-20-09 05:17 PM
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    Try ebay with the description of what you want...
    07-20-09 05:36 PM
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    Try ebay with the description of what you want...
    Yup, didn't have it
    07-21-09 12:31 PM
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    just go to a verizon store near you or any other store i have alltel and went to verizon to get a case
    07-21-09 01:34 PM
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    I haven't seen those particular cases anywhere else. Thanks for posting them though...I just ordered the pink zebra one. Too cute!
    07-21-09 02:26 PM
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    oh wow sorry for my useless post haha i didnt even notice the links for what your looking for
    07-21-09 02:39 PM
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    I found them both here: http://www.lowerpriceusa.com/
    07-21-09 03:31 PM