1. Rwil85's Avatar
    I have a Griffin dual-USB wall charger and a 15 foot-ish microusb cord..

    I used to use this to charge an Android phone - it was perfect. Way longer and more convenient than the crap 3 foot cords that phones come with nowadays.

    I haven't tried it on my 9930 yet - but, since the car Griffin USB wouldn't charge the 9930, I'm going to assume the Griffin wall charger will fail in the same way

    has anyone found accessories similar to these that'll work for the 9930?

    (maybe I could use the 15 microusb and would just have to score another one of the black BB wall plugs?)
    10-01-11 07:29 PM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    give it a shot. i have some non OEM chargers that will charge my 9860 and 9780 but not my girlfriends 8530. i guess you never know.
    10-01-11 07:49 PM