1. ghbishop's Avatar
    Hyberpads have multiple neodymium magnets to active the Hall effect magnetic sensor in your Blackberry giving you ultimate control over alert profiles, longer battery life and functionality that iphone and droids simply do not possess.

    Limited Edition Python Print Hyberpads have one side with a laminated python print.

    Hyberpads are available only at amazon.com.

    Now all hyberpads have $2 shipping.

    04-17-10 02:05 PM
  2. snowpaw's Avatar
    Cool device,

    I just got mine in the mail yesterday. I got the regular basic model with a black slip case. Nicely made.

    I used it in our staff meeting this morning to filter out all alerts except for calls and I did not have to remember to reset the profile to normal after the meeting.

    I read the reviews on the blogs and then got mine at amazon.
    04-30-10 03:46 PM