1. rjhughes's Avatar
    I have placed-very carefully!-an Invisible Shield on my TMo Curve and really like it. No scratches at all and I love the feel of the grip. But...I found over a couple of weeks it developed a brown tint on both the front and back. I ordered a replacement (no problem...ZAGG was great with the replacement under warranty) and after a couple of weeks, same issue.

    My son's Blackjack Shield is pristine after several weeks of carrying it with his car keys in his pocket, so I knew something was amiss.

    I called ZAGG again today and explained the situation to Heather, one of their reps, and she told me they have discovered that the leather case, which I use, has a dye that leaches into the Shield and discolors it. She is sending yet another replacement, but suggested I not use the BB leather case to avoid it happening again. She said by using the Shield I would not need the leather case for protection. So I'll try it.

    I post this in case you have had the same problem.
    04-28-08 05:02 PM
  2. SumthinNew's Avatar
    I can also confirm the same color leaching from using BB's original leather case. I have found the same issues on both BSE and Invisible shield skins. Yes the skins will prevent the bb from getting scratches but it will not prevent potential damage of dropping the device on a hard surface. I have one brand new skin left and will put it on when the stains get worse, as of now i can still read the screen so thats good enough for me.
    04-28-08 05:33 PM
  3. kelv1ntran's Avatar
    i had the same problem but i still used the case... the day i decided to take off the shield to send it in.. i dropped my berry!!!... sooo sad
    04-28-08 07:01 PM