1. Tom Kelley's Avatar
    Will the torch fitted with an otterbox cover fit in the OEM leather pouch holster?
    02-23-11 03:50 PM
  2. RegN's Avatar
    no other phone does so I would say it will not either
    02-23-11 04:10 PM
  3. COrancher's Avatar
    I'm almost positive it won't. Maybe with a different case, but Otterbox is pretty bulky, I'd be surprised if the phone fit into any other case/holster with it on. However, I would not give up your OtterBox for this issue; they are the best case made for a phone, and have saved many a phone of mine from damage or death. Otterbox also has some of the best Customer Service I've ever dealt with.
    02-28-11 05:59 AM