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    Unhappy with the retention capability of the OEM leather holster, I went in search of the ultimate case for my new 8820.

    I was looking for a balance of protection and practicality, while maintaining ease of use. I gave the following three cases a try:

    -Monaco Sleeve Type
    Monaco Sleeve Type Case - Accesories

    -Krussell Cabriolet
    Krusell Cabriolet - Accesories

    -Krussell Classic Multidapt Krusell Classic Multidapt - Accesories

    Monaco Sleeve Type
    Pros: Good fit, quality and screen protection. A must if your wife wears diamond earrings. No screen is a match for earrings. No problems typing, all keys easily accessible. Trackball as well.

    Cons: No cut out for notification LED. Top corners of unit remain exposed and unprotected. Retention concern: The swivel clip screws into the back of the case. Over time and under normal use it could become lose (unscrew) and you would lose your device from your belt. This is not a CON if you dont plan to use a belt clip.

    Krussell Cabriolet
    Pros: Cut out for notification LED, retention clip for belt carry is solid. You could slip this into a car vent device holder (i-Grip) easily. No problems typing, or using trackball. The belt clip can be removed. Only the top of the unit is exposed. I am considering this one for my wife (purse carry), but it wont work for me.

    Cons: If carried on your belt, this unit protrudes from your hip quite a bit. I have never cared for this carry design, but wanted to test it out since this case had other things important to me (screen/keyboard protection).

    Krussell Classic Multidapt
    Pros: Full device protection, all corners, screen and keyboard. Adds little to the physical size of the device. Very snug, no problems typing. Trackball easy to use.

    Cons: Bad fit, the cutouts on my unit did not line up when the cutout for the trackball when centered. This resulted in my push to talk button being depressed continuously. I could not adjust this. Zipper to close this case is metal to metal contact with the device. The retention clip on this particular Krussell product is WEAK, very thin plastic and will fail/break under normal use. The clip on the cabriolet was solid. Again not a con if you arent going to use a belt clip.

    Over all, each had enough shortcomings which precluded any of them for being the right case for my needs. If the Monaco had a cut out for the LED I probably would have kept it, and decided not to belt carry. I will probably investigate rubberized hard cases and screen protectors next, since none of these did the trick for me.

    I hope this will help someone else trying to make a decision.
    10-30-07 03:41 PM