1. cipherdias's Avatar
    Thinking about getting this item which would hold my CURVE without taking it out its KRUSSELL case, anyone tried one Krusell Car Windscreen Holder
    08-09-08 11:54 AM
  2. cipherdias's Avatar
    Decided to order one and give it a try. Will report back with a review on it in a few days
    08-11-08 12:40 PM
  3. frfghtr's Avatar
    Not sure about Wales but in a few US states, having anything on your windshield it against the law.

    These guys also have a few great solutions.

    ProClip Mounting System - Choose Your Country
    08-11-08 12:46 PM
  4. cipherdias's Avatar
    Legal here as long as it does not obscure the usual line of sight used when driving.
    08-11-08 01:26 PM
  5. cipherdias's Avatar
    Well, it arrived this morning and I got it installed in my car and it works GREAT! It was only 14 pounds or so if I recall rightly an it holds my BB nice and secure without my having to remove t from its Krussell case. If anyone is interested in pic's lemme know..
    08-12-08 10:02 AM