1. Libuff's Avatar
    has anyone had experience with the Krusell line of cases... i have one for my 8830, BUT... my wife has the 8130 on Verizon, and the Krusell case doesn't line up... i thought the 8100v meant verizon, and it apparently doesn't..
    03-03-08 06:27 PM
  2. Umm Yeah's Avatar
    I had a Krusell case for my old phone and I understand why you like them. However, they don't have the magnets that put BlackBerrys into sleep mode and are made as generic cases. Have you looked at the cases by Fortte? I have one ordered from them and they have numerous leather cases that are custom made for the 8130 in a variety of quality leathers and clip styles. Take a look at them.

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    03-03-08 06:42 PM
  3. berry boy's Avatar
    I have 2 different Prima Cases for my pearl....lateral style and open face.
    Definitely the best out there..they also have an acrylic that I may go with
    03-03-08 09:12 PM